Pioneered 10 years ago by our Beijing Chapter, and replicated 4 years ago by our Taipei Chapter, AAMA Cradle Program has become a critical part of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Beijing and Taipei.  Leveraging their successful experience and network, we are launching it in Pearl River Delta starting with Hong Kong and Shenzhen entrepreneurs this year in 2016.

Structured on a 2-year duration, over 10 accomplished entrepreneurs and executives will mentor 20 growth stage start-ups to take them to the next level.  There will be learning, sharing, finding and giving back to society among mentors and mentees. 

In addition, there will be regular cross-fertilization opportunities among PRD mentees, and so are with counterparts in other chapters in Greater China and Silicon Valley. 

We are engaging all our partners to help mentee companies to face the challenges in business expansion and follow-on funding.  13 mentee companies have IPOed after joining  AAMA Cradle Program in Beijing.

Criteria for Qualification of Startup

1-2 years organized
•Capital committed (prefer minimum HK$2M to HK$4M)
•Milestone achieved or stage of development (first sale of over HK$0.5M – HK$1M)
•No stock option is required
•Successful companies should become General Member of AAMA-PRD


WHAT does it offer to mentees?

1.One-on-one mentorship 一对一辅导
2.Experience sharing talks (regular) 定期经验分享
3.Gatherings among entrepreneurs 创业家聚会
4.Exchanges with mentees from Beijing and Taipei chapters 分会学员交流
5.Delegation to SV (annual) 硅谷访问
6.Annual Conference 年会 


Program Schedule

1. Application / Selection/ Matching of mentees (April - July, 2016)
2. Opening (Aug 2016)
3. One-on-One Mentorship (on-going from 2016 - 2017)
4. Annual Conference (HK and Shenzhen) 2016 and 2017
5. Delegation to Silicon Valley (Sept 2016 and 2017)
6. AAMA-PRD events - Mentors sharing talks (bi-monthly from 2016-2017)