Pearl River Delta Chapter Member Program

Mission: To create, congregate and sustain in the Pearl River Delta, the relationships, forums and principles valuable for the seeding and scaling of technology, innovation and their value chain, across technology and innovation centers worldwide. To provide a forum in which members can network, exchange ideas and share resources from the Pearl River Delta to Silicon Valley and vice-versa.

  Charter Member Program Mission

To create and foster an exclusive membership network of global senior leaders and executives who are actively engaged in business and technology pursuits affecting the Silicon Valley andAsia-Pacific economies. Charter Members also help to mentor young professionals and entrepreneurs and contribute to the development of the AAMA mission and organization.  Charter Member is by invitation only and prospective members must meet eligibility requirements.

  Membership Fee 

Annual membership from 1st January to 31st December each year by cheque payable to AAMA PRD and send to GPO Box 11606, Central, Hong Kong.
New Member will be billed in full amount.  Second year of membership will be billed on pro-rata basis.



  • Allow two representatives from the Company (one of which nominated)
  • Enjoy all benefits of Individual Charter Membership


  • Local and Global Executive Networking
  • Mentoring & Education
  • Access to all AAMA events in the Pacific Rim and private receptions
  • Peer interaction & Exchange
  • Invitation to AAMA-PRD delegations
  • Exclusive events such as Roundtable and
    b’Buzz’d in Hong Kong
  • Display of name on AAMA-PRD website
  • Permission to use name card of AAMA-PRD
  • Eligible to be elected to Board and Committee chair

GENERAL MEMBER HK$1,000 per year

  • Local Executive Networking
  • AAMA-PRD Annual Event
  • Technology Showcase, speaker and networking events
  • Eligible to be elected to Operating Committee

STUDENT MEMBER HK$300 per year

  • Local Executive Networking
  • AAMA-PRD Annual Event
  • Technology Showcase, Speaker Series and networking events

Please CLICK HERE to download the Membership Application Form.

Should you have any questions about our membership, please feel free to contact our Administrator at