AAMA PRD Cradle Program Seminar

The cradle program seminar was successfully held on 25th 2017 in Shenzhen with almost 80 friends and startups attended, and we trust the speeches inspired all attended people.

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          我们的总裁Chuck Cheng是AAMA PRD的会长。

1、新浪:  AAMA人才摇篮计划深圳推介会精彩回顾

2、搜狐:  AAMA人才摇篮计划深圳推介会精彩回顾

3、腾讯快报:  牵手硅谷创业教父,AAMA人才摇篮计划深圳推介会成功举办


5、网易新闻:  牵手硅谷创业教父,AAMA人才摇篮计划深圳推介会成功举办


6、一点资讯:  助力创业者乘风破浪,AAMA人才摇篮计划深圳推介会成功举办 


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